Our Difference

  1. Currently owned and operated by women developing products for women, From The Earth Naturally Ltd. founders are women who started from ground zero with only their vision and dream to do it right and do it better!  They’ve plowed their way forward inspiring their peers, industry experts, government and other women in their journey (read more at www.vivaca.net).
  2. Between them they have nine children and three grand children!  And they still look fabulous!
  3. They get along famously despite the fact they too are peri-menopausal and menopausal, even when things can get “hot” . . . and that’s not just because of hot flashes!
  4. From The Earth Naturally Ltd. works by virtual offices, internationally between Canada and the U.S.
  5. From The Earth Naturally Ltd. has been featured on the Marilou Henner Show and broadcast throughout the U.A. and Canada.
  6. From The Earth Naturally Ltd. developed new state of the art packaging technology called the ‘”injector cap” slated for mid 2011.
  7. From The Earth Naturally Ltd. revived an old technology with new technology in developing their proprietary formulation.  The From The Earth Naturally owners rolled up their sleeves and were directly involved in entire process from field to shelf!!
  8. Role modeling and inspiring other women, From The Earth Naturally Ltd. started the “Handbag List” – a bucket list’ of things in life one dreams of doing.  The From The Earth Naturally Ltd. women took the bull-by-the-horn (sort-of-speak) and started (see www.menopausemission.com)
  9. The CEO is getting off HRTs (after 18 years of being on them) and demonstrating this live online through the Menomission website to inspire other women who need and want to do the same!
  10. We’ve promised an open door policy on the product journey.  We’ve included other women, through our websites, to participate in giving their ideas and feedback on developing VIVACA™.
  11. From The Earth Naturally Ltd’s “Value Chain” for the purpose of quality control, flows from seed to shelf.  From The Earth Naturally Ltd. owners are involved from the grower level through to processing raw materials, extracts, blending and mixing the formulation through to packaging and marketing the final product.  The Value Chain ensures:
    • Good growing practices
    • Good lab practices
    • Good manufacturer practices
    • All regulatory requirements within North America are met
    • A guarantee that the final product has efficacy

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