From The Earth Naturally Ltd, (FTEN) is an Alberta based company focused within two complementary sectors, the natural health product sector including research & development, manufacturing VIVACA products using a complete Canadian based value-chain from grower to finished product, and the second is in the packaging technology sector. 

The Earth Naturally Ltd. currently has two distinct areas of focus, first the natural health product segment and the second the Packaging segment:

Project #1 Natural Health Product Supplements VIVACA® 100% Canadian made from field to shelf.

VIVACA®  Two New Product lines 

  1. VIVACA®  Rhodiola Rosea For Stress.  
  2. VIVACA® For Menopause

VIVACA® We proudly produce our own Full-Spectrum liquid botanical extracts through an Alberta Value-Chain to make high quality Formulations.

VIVACA® Clinically tested in collaboration with Canadian Naturopathic doctors, microbiologists, organic chemists, and evaluated by consumers for their effectiveness.

  • All products are licensed by Health Canada NNHPD
  • All products are produced under GAP’s, GMP’s, HACCP and  in NNHPD site licensed facilities.
  • All products contain no artificial colour, flavours or fillers.
  • All products come in Liquid form to be more bioavailable to the body for superior efficacy.
  • Our products are 100% made from field to shelf within Alberta, Canada for high quality, safety and authenticity.
  • All products have been tested & evaluated as case studies conducted within  licensed Naturopathic clinics with qualified, licensed doctors over a period of five years.  These studies remain on-going with excellent results.

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Registered Trade Name for the Menomission®

From The Earth Naturally Ltd. believes the Internet and social media are key to reaching our target market. We build a community first, and then sell the product.

As women themselves going through peri-menopause and menopause, the From The Earth Naturally  Ltd. owners believe in self-empowerment during menopause, which can be a vulnerable time in a woman’s life.  Through positive encouragement and by role modeling through the Menomission® website, their actions will demonstrate that menopause is a healthy and natural transition. From The Earth Naturally Ltd., has initiated the first Edmonton Menopause Day conference and Trade Show and second a VIVACA comprehensive educational program package including a ‘hot flash’ counter.

Menomission® has built a strong, online community among women through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn. The website has also build a relationship of trust and camaraderie by identifying the From The Earth Naturally Ltd. owners as peer reputable authorities in the natural health alternative industry, as part of From The Earth Naturally Ltd’s branding campaign.

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Project #2 . The Injector Cap 

FTEN has developed a unique new packaging technology called the ‘Injector Cap’ (IC), this cap has several key applications with the first focusing on impacting the natural products industry specifically functional health beverage by addressing a global issue within the industry regarding ingredient/product shelf stability. Product stability is not only required and enforced by government regulatory requirements for meeting label claims but also ensure product efficacy, an area that has been a constant problem for beverage companies. Additional IC applications have been identified in the alcohol industry, flavoured beverage, and the pharmaceutical and in the oil and gas industry.


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