From The Earth Naturally Ltd. is a private company based in St. Albert, Alberta and was incorporated in 2000.  From The Earth Naturally Ltd. is a company that was founded, owned and operated by women.

The company manufactures natural health products designed to address women’s health issues.

Menopausal and pre-menopausal women have two options to address the symptoms of menopause.  These options include Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) and supplementation.

Research shows that HRT treatment can have significant side effects and may not be a long-term sustainable option.  The challenge with most supplements is their “quality” and the ability of current delivery mechanisms to maintain the quality of the bioactive material.

To address these issues, From The Earth Naturally Ltd. has developed a proprietary formulation using four distinctive herbs.  Renowned and highly respected scientific and medical personnel from the United States and Canada have participated in the development and testing of the formulation.

From The Earth Naturally Ltd. has developed VIVACA®, a unique, science based, proprietary herbal formulation developed to help women ages 40-65 manage the symptoms of menopause.  The product will be packaged under From The Earth Naturally Ltd’s rigorous and regulatory approved quality standards.

In addition, From The Earth Naturally Ltd. has developed packaging technology that has patent protection in Canada and the United States.

The company is pre-revenue and is in the process of completing its test marketing phase of its Market Development Plan.

From The Earth Naturally has designed its corporate strategy in three phases:

  • Concept
  • Pre-Commercialization
  • Commercialization

There are currently 47 million women that are in the “menopausal” age demographic in North America experiencing varying symptoms of menopause.  In addition, there are 45 million women that enter menopause annually in North America.

From The Earth Naturally Ltd. plans to enter the market using a web direct market plan.  The From The Earth Naturally Ltd. web sites are designed to introduce the company to the market demographic and invite these consumers to participate in gaining a better understanding of women’s health issues and the opportunity for From The Earth Naturally Ltd. to assist in helping women manage the symptoms of menopause.

Seven months post entering the market by way of the web, From The Earth Naturally Ltd. plans to launch its products into the traditional retail outlets.

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