From the Earth Naturally Ltd.

We know it will take a whole lot of talented key people to make us successful. So we gathered them! The From The Earth Naturally team consists of three organic scientists, a medical research scientist, a naturopath, herbal industry professionals, professional Canadian growers, two licensed CMAs, three executives, a team of web developers/marketers, and a marketing/communications team! Need we say more?

Our Product VIVACA® is a unique, science-based, proprietary herbal formulation packaged under From The Earth Naturally’s rigorous and regulatory approved quality standards. Now if that isn’t a mouthful! We believe this quality makes the difference!

VIVACA® meets the demand of today’s educated and discerning female consumers! We should know! We are two of them!

New Packaging Technology:  We’ve been working hard over the past six years in developing a new packaging technology that ensures the stability of bio-active ingredients. This new patent pending ‘Injector Cap’ stores up to 10 mL of liquid ingredients and fits onto a regular size bottle of water.  When the Injector cap is opened the content liquid is released into the water and the spout pulled up ready for drinking.  Stay tuned for more information within the next few months!

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