VIVACA® A Natural Health Product/Supplements

VIVACA® is new natural health supplemental beverage aimed at women 40-65 to help diminish common menopause symptoms such as hot flashes, mood changes and occasional fatigue. Made by women for women, it’s a special blend of herbs served as a ready-to-consume beverage. Because it’s in liquid form, VIVACA® is more easily absorbed by the body than capsules or tablets.

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Menomission® is an online community for women ages of 40 to 65. It’s a fun, interactive and educational women’s website that empowers women going through menopause. They can share experiences, get information online right from the professionals, and learn and be inspired by the From The Earth Naturally team.

We are menopausal and we’re on the journey too!

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From the Earth Naturally Ltd.

From The Earth Naturally is a private company that manufactures natural health products designed to address women’s health issues. Founded, owned and operated by women, From The Earth Naturally is setting a new high standard for condition-specific natural health supplemental beverages!

With four years of research and development, From The Earth Naturally has already garnered the respect and interest from its peers and industry specialists.

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